Skins by Alex:

New clothes

New hair colours

Coloured towels


Dessous of SAF

New skins


The textures for the underwear are in the folder "Texture" of your singles directory. The textur which is used at the moment is named slip_weiss.png. There are different underwear types in this folder so if you want to have another you just have to rename the file with the underwear you like in slip_weiss.png. Before you should make a backup of the original file slip_weiss.png (i.e. rename it in slip_weiss.png.bak). Below the pictures is always the name of the file which contains the underwear (this file you have to rename in slip_weiss.png).

If the game shows the old underwear after you made the changes you have to open the modified file slip_weiss.png with a graphic progamm (i.e. Paint Shop Pro) and then save it. So the date will be updated and the game takes this new texture.