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Questions about the game:

What's exactly the story-mode, the tutorial, the "normal game" or the free game?

In the tutorial you get to know how to deal with the game. It ends with unpacking the relocation cartons. Then it changes automatically to the story-mode. This changing happens without any further sequences or such stuff.
In the story-mode (the "normal game) the story between the two singles is explained in faded in interlocutions. Often there are little task to do which will be explained in this interlocutions. By solving these tasks the story will be set on.
In the free game (loft- or villa-mode) there is no story. So there are no tasks to solve. It is possible to bring your singles together but they can't marry.

Is "Singles" an infinite game like "the Sims" or does it have an ending?

While both singles live together you can play as long as you like.

What must I manage in the story mode to play the villa mode?

One single hast to accept the proposal of marriage from the other. This happens when both have all 10 points in friendship, romance and sensuality. After that you have the ability to choose the villa mode when starting a new game.

How can my singles go to work?

Your singles don't have to work on Saturday or Sunday. The other days you click from 9 am up to 11 am on the stairs and choose "to work".

What's about the weekend house?

You get the weekend house as soon as your singles have married.
If you click on the stairs the option "To the weekend house" appears. They only can spend their weekend together in the weekend house, which means if you send one to the house the other automatically follows.
Your old apartment still exists. The weekend house is for weekend-use only so that your singles can relax. Therefore the furniture in the weekend house is more comfortable. If you don't like them you surely can buy others or rebuild the whole house with the build mode.
If you want to go back to the apartment simply click on the stairs in the garden and choose "Back to town".

Where do I find the pool?

There isn't a complete object. There are special pool-floor coverings in the garden menu of the build mode.

How or where can I see what tasks I have still to do or aren't there any tasks?

The tasks will be shown in the faded in conversations.

I don't understand my singles. What must I do to understand them?

It is normal that you don't understand them. The singles speak like the Sims in a kind of "secret language".

How can I sell my furniture?

In the build mode is on the right a button with a trash can. If you click on this the cursor becomes red and a Euro sign appears. After that click on the furniture you want to sell. To buy or rearrange furniture again click on the button above the trash can and your cursor will become normal again.

How can I rotate my furniture?

You have to hold the left mouse button and then rotate. Commands by keyboard aren't available now.

Why can't I choose all interactions? Some are grey highlighted, what does this mean?

Some interactions need a special amount of relationship points. Grey highlighted means that you don't have enough points for this interaction.

Can I marry in the free game and do I get the weekend house, too?

As in the tutorial you can't marry in the free game. So there isn't a weekend house.

Can I hear my own MP3's in the game?

This function isn't available in the game.

I have a big problem: my singles don't want to marry. They have full relationship points but when I tell him to make a proposal of marriage he doesn't do it.

If you click on "proposal of marriage" a window with "talking" appears, too. If you click it away your single can't make a proposal of marriage. It only works together.

My singles change their clothes before they go to bed. I don't like this. Can I do anything against this? I would like to choose by myself which clothes they wear.

No, you can't change this. Even if they are naked, they "change their clothes" and then wear underwear.

If my singles are naked or in swimming trunks and meet each other the run away and put something on. What can I do against this behavior?

It stops after a while when your singles have more sensuality points.

I have to take care of my plants like in the Sims or do the live everlasting? If I move the cursor on them they get highlighted but if I click on them nothing happens.

You don't have to take care of them.

Where can I find the piece?

Pieces are placed in bookshelves. To play the chairs have to be placed facing.

Even though my singles don't buy anything my money is used.

Like in the Sims it costs money to take something out of the fridge or to cook something (because they can't go out and by food).

How can my singles have sex on their own?

The action "dressing hair" increases the sensuality value of the single that stands next to the one who's dressing his hair. But it doesn't happen every time.
Furthermore you can let them dance together (Hifi).

How can I delete floor coverings or the pool?

You can't. The only way is to put other floor coverings above it.

My floor is full of dirt. How can I clean it?

In the menu "study room" in the build mode you can buy a vacuum cleaner. With this the singles will "jog" through the apartment and clean the flat (nice look ;))

My singles can't do the candlelight-dinner. I let him cook all the time but she doesn't find the candlesticks and what is the difference between a normal diner and the candlelight-diner?

You can buy the candles in the menu "decorations" in the build mode. Then put them on the table and the candlelight-diner will begin.
While the candlelight-diner takes place the relationship point "romance" will increase. Normally it's the relationship point "friendship".


I can't let my singles go to bed. Every time I try a balloon with a red X appears above them. What means this?

Eventually there is not enough space at both sides of the bed. Then a balloon with a red X or something like that appears. Put the bed in a larger room and try again.

If I click on "snuggling in the bed" a balloon with a double bed and a question mark appears above my single. What should I do?

This means that your singles need a double bed. You should buy them one then the balloon vanishes.

What means the star or the light bulb which sometimes appears above my singles?

Light bulb: Your single gets an experience point.
Star: Level up, which means your single gets a skill point.

Sometimes balloons appear above my singles. What do they mean?

Your single don't like the partitioning of the housework. He/She has to do more. If you don't change anything the other single starts a quarrel with him/her and gets one trouble point.
To make the balance disappear the single who hasn't got the balance above him can do the interaction "tease" (do this more than once) and can do more housework.

This symbol appears if the object you want to use is in use at the moment (i.e. your single gets breakfast out of the fridge. When you now click with your other single on "breakfast" the red X appears).

Your single can't find a place to sit or it is to far away. This symbol often appears if you want to perform an action which needs to have a seat (i.e. watching TV)

If this balloon appears your single can't go to the spot you clicked. Often the reason is an object or the other single which bars your single's way (i.e. if you want to go in the bath but your other single stands in front of the door).

Your single is ashamed. Often appears in the beginning of the game when your singles don't want to take a bath or shower in one room. Also appears if your single is naked or in a towel and meets the other.

Appears when your single is in a bad mood or if he/she don't want to do something. Look at your needs. Are they all green?

It's stinking in the room or your single should take a bath / shower. Often appears when your toilet needs a cleaning.

All about points:

Is there any trick to get relationship points (i.e. sensuality, fun) quicker?

You can level up the skills romance, flirting and humour. Then the relationship points romance, sensuality and fun rise faster.

Can I "train down" my trouble points?

No, the trouble points, like all other points, are maintained through the whole game.

What happens if one of my singles has 10 trouble points?

Then he/she moves out. The game is over and you return to the main window where you can start a new game (or you click on load and try again ;))

Both of my singles have full points in friendship, romance, sensuality and fun but they cannot have sex or petting. What's wrong?

Your singles only can have sex or petting in a double bed. Click on one and choose the interaction "snuggling in bed" in the erotic menu. When both are in bed, click on the other and there is the missing action.


As my single took a tablet with food I stopped the action and now he always has the tablet in his hands. What's to do to delete the tablet?

Go to the cupboard and dress your single in another outfit then the tablet disappears.

My singles put their dishes on the floor and now I can't delete the dishes on the floor. What can I do?

Save the game and then load it again. Now the dishes should be vanished.
Another option is to build furniture above the dishes and then sell them.

System resources:

How much memory does the game need?

The game needs ca. 990 MB on your hard drive.

My singles are totally overexposed. The environment (furniture, plants, garden) look normally but my singles look like the gamma controller is set too high.

That's normal. Till now there's no option to correct this in the game. But you can wind down the brightness of your PC (temporary solution).


I want to change files of the game. How do I do this best?

To change files (i.e. for the money cheat) use simplest the Editor. Go in the folder in which the file is you want to change, right click on it and choose "Open with...". In the window that now appears choose "Editor". Now you can make your changes.